With respect to the consumer  and the environment A. C. Meliki produces high quality products with the most modern methods and specifications,applying all international regulations for quality insurance.


   It obtains raw material from its producer-members.     

   During the production procedure, EUREPGAP, AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2 systems are implemented, which are known as Integrated Crop Management


   A. C. Meliki applies methods of full observation and recording of the applications (chemicals, fertilizers) that member-cultivators make, in an individual dossier for each member. 



   All production procedure of the raw materials is controlled in all its stages by A.C. Meliki agronomes.




   Geotechnical service of A.C. Meliki is responsible for:


Insurance of raw material quality

Support of the application control system (chemicals, fertilizers)

Application of Integrated Crop Management and Insurance of quality systems